How To Prune Tomato Plants In Pots? 2 Simple Tips


Pruning Meaning

Pruning is the process of removing small shoots that are grown either between leaf and stem or between main stem and side stems once in a week.

Do not remove shoots at top and middle portion of the plants since they helps in the protection of tomato fruit from sun scald.

What Is Sun Scald On Tomatoes

Due to direct interaction of fruit with sunlight, light grey patches or yellowish scalds will form on the skin of the fruit which is the main symptom of sun scald.

Sun scald is the main reason for the reduction of immunity in fruit.

When Is Pruning Done

Start pruning process when you observe growth of tomatoes on plant.

If you do not remove the shoots of your plant, you will get large number of small sized fruits. Unpruned tomato plants occupies lot of space in your garden.

Benefits Of Pruning Tomato Plants

By pruning, you will observe early and high yield when compared to unpruned plants.

Practice pruning of tomatoes with bare hands.

Remove rotten and yellow leaves on your growing plants to prevent nutrients wastage and disease transmission

Importance Of Pruning

Carry out pruning process to:

  • Concentrate total energy of plant to grow fruit rather than leaves.
  • Provide aeration between leaves so that, all the moisture during watering of the plants will be dried thereby plants becomes disease free.
  • Remove disease infected leaves which keeps the pests away from plants.

Some pests hatches their eggs in the soil. The leaves near the bottom of the plant comes in contact with these eggs. So, remove the leaves at the bottom of plants so that, pest cannot travel up and damage the fruit.

Determinate plants

Don’t prune the branches because fruits may present at the end of branches instead prune the leaves so that, it provides aeration and enough sun light.

Indeterminate Plants

Plant requires only 4-5 branches to grow in length to produce small number of large sized tomatoes.

If you don’t remove the shoots and allow them to grow in branches, you observe large number of smaller tomatoes. They need fertilizers, water, sun light and more care.

Pruning Tips For Tomatoes

When pinching or pruning use only thumb and index finger. Be conscious when you are practicing pruning because you may cut fruit bearing branch by mistake.

When the shoots grow up to 5 inches then carefully prune and place them in compost to continue further growth which makes a new plant. Now you can grow that plant in new container.


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