Helpful Resources for Troubled Teens


When a teen in your life is in trouble, finding help for that troubled teen and support for you is crucial. However, finding that help when it is needed the most is a daunting task, particularly when emotions and tensions are high. Let’s look at some helpful resources for various types of problems faced by troubled teens.

Suicide Help for Troubled Teens

Suicide Prevention Hotline: Suicide prevention hotlines are often found locally in most major cities with any type of sizable population. If there is no local hotline in your area, there are two quality national suicide prevention hotlines that work with troubled teens.

One is the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at toll free 1-800-273-TALK, and the other is the National Hopeline Network at 1-800-442-HOPE.

Teen Suicide Prevention Support Groups: Check with the counselor at your school or contact a local MHMR or county health department for a list of local support groups and counselors that provide teen suicide help. Also, you can find teen help online for suicide prevention with a simple search.

Drug, Alcohol and Dependency Help for Troubled Teens

Drug Abuse Programs for Teens: Teen-Anon or other programs that are derivatives of the Narcotics Anonymous (NA) program are available in most areas. Other drug and substance abuse programs are available through private counseling or group treatment, as well as rehabilitation hospitals.

Alcohol Abuse and Prevention Programs for Teens: MADD offers teen alcohol prevention programs and referrals, as do local health departments and mental health professionals.

Teen Crisis Pregnancy Help provides online and telephone support for teens, both male and female, who find themselves in a crisis teen pregnancy situation. Birthright International provides teen crisis pregnancy counseling in a pro-life environment.

Troubled Teens with other Issues

The ToughLove program helps troubled teens and their parents with all sorts of issues and problems that face our youth today. This program is designed to help both the teens and the entire family work together for solidarity and acceptance.

Boot Camps for Troubled Teens in Crisis

When counseling and other programs fall to help a troubled teen, one option is a teen boot camp. While some consider this option an extreme, for some troubled teens, teen boot camps have helped considerably to bring about change, help get a troubled teen’s life back on track, and help reunite a family in crisis.

Teen Social and Support Groups

The local community college, high school, health department, or many local churches might have teen support groups for various issues such as cutting, self esteem, bullying, promiscuity, and much more.

Teens tend to do well in a peer supported environment where they can share their troubles with other teens in similar situations.

Private Counseling and Family Therapy

In conjunction with all these options, private counseling and/or family therapy can help keep teens on track with any programs or education received to help them through these troubling teen years. When the responsible adults in a troubled teen’s life take the time to get involved and intervene when a teen needs help, a troubled teen can learn to grow up to be a well-adjusted, happy and successful adult.

Lastly, keep your teen active and busy in various positive and motivating activities such as sports, educational endeavors, programs and even churches and teen youth groups. The more active and involved a teen is in living their lives, the less trouble a teen will get into during the difficult teen years.


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