Easy Homemade Potting Soil Recipe: A Step-by-Step Guide Included!


Potting Soil Ingredients And Mix Ratio:

  • One bucket peat moss
  • One bucket perlite or vermiculite
  • Half bucket compost
  • Two cups horizontal sand
  • Two cups time release fertilizer pellets
  • Half cup lime

1 bucket is equal to 10 liters approximately and 1 cup is equal to 240 ml approximately

Use of Peat moss

  • Peat moss provides nutrition and moisture retention

Use of Perlite:

  • Perlite provides soil aeration.

Use of Compost

  • Compost adds nutrient to the soil.

Horizontal Sand

  • Horizontal sand provides drainage.


  • Fertilizer pellets provides the essential nutrients for the plants.


  • Lime neutralizes the acidity present in the soil.

Potting soil preparation

Blend all the requirements that are mentioned above. And then you are done with preparation of potting soil to grow plants at home.

Check Out This Simple Potting Soil Recipe

How much volume of soil does a container need?

In general potting soil is sold in liters, while pots are sold by their diameter.

So there is a little confusion on how much soil should I need for growing plants?


Check out the below table to get an rough idea on filling your pots in accordance with your pot diameter:

Pot Diameter (Inches) Amount of Soil (Liters)
8 3
10 5.7
12 7.5
14 11.5
16 19
20 22.5
24 28
30 26.5

Hanging basket:

Hanging basket pots slightly differ due to their shape.

So checkout the below table to get a rough idea on filling your hanging pots in accordance with your basket diameter

Basket Diameter ( Inches) Soil Amount (Liters)
12 6
16 9.5


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