Why Mineral Makeup is a Good Choice?


My daughter sells Mary Kay cosmetics and products. A fellow writer friend sells Avon products. Both Avon and Mary Kay offer mineral powder foundation, concealer, blush, eye shadow and more. I’ve never been one to wear much makeup, but I did like to put on a little powder before going out, to cover the redness and dryness that is caused by the medical conditions with which I struggle.

When I purchased and then tried mineral powder foundation the first time, I had no idea what to think. I put it on my face, used the little kabuki brush like I was supposed to, and before I had finished half of my face, I looked in the mirror and was astounded at the difference in appearance of my skin.

Softly, lightly, gently, the mineral powder had covered the redness, covered the dryness and brown spots and even had covered the dark circles around my eyes.

Not only did it look good from a distance, but it looked good up close too, and yet, I did not feel like I was wearing any makeup at all. It took less than 10 minutes to completely cover my face, put on a mineral lipstick to give my lips a little color and brush through my hair, but the difference in appearance was dramatic.

Mineral Makeup is Better for Skin

For some people, allergies to things such as zinc and copper and nickel can cause reactions to some mineral makeup products. The minerals in mineral makeup powders come from naturally occurring minerals, and some of those include natural metals. These metals not only condition the skin and improve its quality, but they also help add a little shine to the makeup.

For those without allergies, mineral powder on the face can actually help improve overall appearance and skin quality. According to an article on WebMD, mineral makeup does not, “…contain emollient oils and waxes, fragrance and preservative ingredients…”

Does Mineral Makeup Improve Skin Like Advertisements Claim?

Mineral makeup isn’t necessarily going to improve natural, clean, healthy skin, but if you suffer from acne that might be caused by using a heavy oil-based foundation or cosmetic, switching to mineral makeup might help you achieve better skin quality. Mineral makeup arguably covers the skin less, let’s the skin breathe more, and helps prevent clogging pores.

My experience is that mineral makeup makes my skin look very natural and clean without having to feel ‘made up’. Also, going to bed with an oil-based foundation on is very bad for the skin, but if you have to wear mineral makeup to bed, the skin handles it quite well.

Does Mineral Makeup Stay on the Skin?

I’ve found that mineral makeup stays on the skin better than oil-based makeup, especially if are like me and are a heavy sweater and live in a humid area (I live by the ocean in South Texas!) With a thyroid-hypothalamus disorder that causes a condition known as hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating when exposed to heat), I’ve had trouble putting oil based makeup or cosmetics on my face without sweating it off or causing streaks in the makeup where I would sweat.

The mineral makeup does not streak with sweat, and the sweat beads on the skin do not cause the makeup to ‘melt’ off the face like an oil-based foundation will.

All a wearer has to do is learn to blot the sweat off instead of wiping it off, and my experience is that mineral makeup stays on the face all day with no effort or streaking at all.

Give Mineral Makeup a Try for Free

Try a free sample. Many local department stores with makeup counters will put their mineral product on your face for you, so you can see what shade to use and how it wears for you. They will do this for free, if you simply ask. My take is you will like it as much as I do, and your next makeup purchase just might include some mineral makeup and cosmetics.


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