Gardening Videos – Important Gardening Tips For Beginners


Gardening has become a multi million business in many countries. Many people started making money through gardening by sharing their knowledge through books, posting videos, teaching and offering their services. But they didn’t become expert in a day or two.

But gardens are not created in few days as shown in tv and internet. It demands constant learning, improving skills, being creative and aching muscles.

Gardening even involves in some landscaping work like building walls, fences, paths etc which most of the gardeners are struggling with it.
So, you should improve your skills in your spare time either through specialized courses or internet.

Gardening is the hardest job. You should be unafraid of hard work. The more you learn, the more you work, the more you used to get it.

Knowing how to dig, cut the lawn, making pathways don’t make you a gardener. You should know everything about plants i.e., basics, spacing between them, companion plants, which plants are best for particular spaces like walkways, balconies, walls, doors etc and local climatic conditions.

On observation, you need to predict

  • whether the plants needs to be replaced?
  • Is the plant getting enough nutrients?
  • Needs watering?
  • Needs to be fertilized? etc.

To know every thing about plants and to become an expert follow the below steps:

  • Join as trainee or volunteer the gardening work near professional gardeners.
  • Start growing plants in your own allotment.
  • Use Internet, gardening books, write down the theory, practice and apply it for growing plants.
  • Some local agriculture colleges, farms, nurseries offer the gardening classes. Attending them helps you in making new like minded friends and helps in sharing knowledge. These classes may be free or paid(even though they are paid classes they are affordable).
  • Start part time at local horticultural nurseries in evenings. This helps you to understand how people are spending money for plant care by buying the products from nurseries and gives you new innovative business ideas.
  • Plants that are sold in nurseries have tags which informs height of the plant, cost, shrubs or herbs etc. You will gain much knowledge about the plants.

Becoming a skilled gardener needs determination and continuous learning. Besides the plant knowledge you should know preparing the garden, water needs of plants, lighting requirements, soil selection, soil properties etc.

You should even take care of your health. Using gloves and boots will help you so much from getting hurt.

You should even know the use of chemicals i.e., pesticides and insecticides. don’t use them near water bodies and in windy areas because they get dispersed easily into water and air and may cause chemical pollution.
get training how to use these chemicals because sometimes they may be harmful and poisonous.

Be very careful while using chain saw and strimmer because they are hard to handle without experience. Train under some expert or volunteer the professional gardener in your cities in return ask them to give training in these tools.

Use all the safety equipment like aprons, googles, ear defender, dust masks and hard hat because sometimes you may have to work at hazardous area.

Always check your tools, tool handles, blades etc and oil your power tools.

When you climb the ladder, make sure that some one is around you so that they provide you some support.

Consider weather conditions, stay well hydrated all the time. Use hydration salts and prefer using sun creams in summers.

Don’t work in hottest part of the day.

Be careful with wasps, bee hives, while digging red ants nests, ticks and rats( rats carry welt diseases). Always wash your hands before meals because some diseases like polio and tetanus transmit through soil.

Cat and dog feces contains harmful micro organisms that effects both human and plants health.

  • Always maintain first aid kit with string and Bite cream.
  • Checkout handpicked video tutorials to improve your skills. We keep updating this videos.
  • Comment your needs so that we can provide you useful information.



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