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Most of the gardeners decorate and enliven their gardens with gardening gnomes and sculptures. So, to transform your garden into a lurid caricature you need to pay close attention on selection of gardening gnomes, figurines, sculptures, fountains which gives a unique look to garden.

Figurines and gardening gnomes plays a vital role in decorating the garden whereas garden sculpture adds special charm to garden.

Choose gardening ornaments based on the size of plot. Most of the gardeners use small and medium sized ornaments for their gardens.

Some gardeners place gardening gnomes and figurines near ponds, streams and also in rock gardens.

Some gardeners creates a new look by combining figurines with dwarf plants. Children likes such exuberant look and loves to participate in gardening.

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Different Types Of Materials Used In Making Gardening Ornaments:


Ceramic figurine is a classic option for decorating the garden.

People usually think that these ceramic figurines adds frumpish look to their garden however, modern gardening stores offers a wide choice of ceramic gardening figures that meets your need.


Metal ornaments are painted with special paint that makes them durable and resistant to bad weather conditions. You can purchase both figures of animals, birds and can attach with metallic flower pot, door knocker, umbrella holder and garden chair etc.


Polystone is an artificial stone that can be easily processed, easily painted, which helps in creating complex and labyrinthine figures.

The usage of polystone garden ornaments has been increased because it is resistant to bad weather conditions and retain superior view for several years.


Plastic weigh less than poly stone figure and is affordable and resistant to bad weather conditions. They are not durable when compared to polystone.

Origin Of Gardening Ornaments

Gardening figurines are first widely used in Europe.

Many gardeners used gardening gnomes to decorate their gardens. Since, they add reviving factor to the garden many thinks that gardening gnomes bring good luck to their home.

Animal figurines are very famous in rock gardens. You can place a frog, snail, hedgehog and a heron near the pond.

You can also choose large garden decorative like crocodile.

Figures of animals perfectly complement the compositions of plants to create a feeling of wild nature in the garden.

Another variant of garden is bells which is most popular in the eastern countries.

Arranging The Gardening Figures:

  • Figures of angels becomes an excellent addition to rose gardens.
  • Place figures of animals in accordance with their natural habitat.
  • Gardening gnomes looks great in grass. Frogs and herons looks great near water bodies.
  • Place fiercely figures like lions, tigers and dragons in the central part of the yard or garden.

Basic Principles In Selecting The Gardening Ornaments

Make sure that chosen figure fits organically to design of the garden but not contradicting it. Overloading of figures dissipates attention and gives the surplus look.

Gardening ornaments should achieve complete harmony with nature and nothing superfluous on the site.

It is not necessary to place gardening gnomes and sculptures in the center of garden.

When decorating the garden, decorations should emphasize the proportions, landscape and compliment the garden.

The classic style of garden should have valuable ornaments. So, it is necessary to choose sculptures made by professionals with materials like brass, marble and wood which look majestic and beautiful.

Small figurines and gardening gnomes fits perfectly in the greenary of the garden, merging with the tree and flower beds. Such a pleasant addition is will never strike and visible immediately but when people see them they add involuntary admiration.

Gardening Styles:

Japanese Garden:

Japanese gardens are created according to the ideas that are orginated in china. The main feature of Japanese garden is minimalism.

Usually Japanese style gardens have stones more than sculptures.

Chinese Gardens:

Chinese gardens are decorated with stylized dragons, lions and other animal sculptures.

Country Side Gardens:

Country style gardens build small worlds which are inhibited from fairy tales. These gardens have birds, fairy tale character and people figurines.

They have rustic look and when creating such compositions make sure that sense of proportion is observed and there is nothing superfluous.

These gardens even have small islands.

Modern Style Gardens:

Ready made figures from wood, metal, gypsum and poly stone adds stylish look to your garden.


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