How To Grow Tomatoes At Home

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Tomatoes grows well in the soil with pH levels ranging between 6.0-6.8. The soil that you choose for growing tomatoes should be rich in nutrients and compost.

Don’t use gardening soil to grow tomatoes.

Selected soil should have proper drainage to prevent water logging which makes roots to rot.

Container size indirectly effects the growth of plant. So, choose minimum size of 20 liters container for both determinate and indeterminate varieties because small container limits the root size thereby limiting the nutrients uptake which results in smaller tomatoes.

Cover the drain holes of container with fine mesh to prevent the entry of ground pest.

Place small stones or pebbles near the drain holes which helps in good drainage.

Growing Tomato Plants From Cuttings:

Tomato plants can be grown from cuttings. It saves a lot of time and money when compared to the process of tomatoes growing from seed.

  • Choose the plant you want to use. Cut the sucker shoot which is not having any buds, by using sharp pruners.
  • Now, cut the top portion of sucker shoot. That cut part should be minimum of 6 inches length and remove the buds if any.
  • Remove leaves at the bottom and place that cut part in the jar of water until you prepare potting soil. You will observe roots within a week in that jar.
  • Now, with a pencil or stick make hole in potting soil. Plant this cut part and cover it with soil until you observe leaves just above the soil.
  • Now, place the planted container within doors or outdoors.
  • Store it in warm place, moist it well and prevent the direct interaction with sun.
  • Allow the cut part for 7 days to adjust new conditions. After a week bring the container out and let the cut part to slowly adapt the sunlight.

When you carry out plantation in the soil, cut part develops stronger root system.

When your cut part turned into plant, move it into actual container and allow for further growth.

These cut parts are clones of their parents and gives the same results just like their parents. So, choose the cut part from a high yield plant.

Growing Tomatoes From Seedlings:

You can buy seedlings or younger tomato plants from nearby nurseries. Dig the planting holes which is bigger than root balls.

Sprinkle 1 spoon of Epsom salt to enhance vitality and productivity. Add sieved bone meal to the hole upto few inches and then place the seedling in the hole.

Avoid the direct contact of epsom salt with roots.

Before plantation, remove few branches at bottom of the plant. Planting is done in a way that the lower leaves of plant must be above the soil and roots of the plant must be covered with soil and compost.

  • Pat the ground gently to remove air pockets.
  • Regularly water the plant, based on its requirements.
  • Prefer mulching, to avoid the water loss from the soil.
  • Practice Staking, before the plantation of seedling.
  • If staking is done after a week, it damages the root system.


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