11 Stunning Ideas For Planting at Home


Planting at home is very simple and is an enjoyable activity. It reduces your stress, calms your soul and impose positive thoughts in your mind.

Here are some ideas for planting at home:

Planting in the Containers

Growing Plants in containers is easy i.e., they dont require any extra effort for special maintenance.

You can place containers on your own rooftops, windows, balcony and make that place most attractive by growing decorative plants in it.

Select the containers size in accordance with the size and the growing capacity of the plant.

For example:

  • 14 inch deep containers are selected for growing vegetables.
  • 18 inch deep containers are selected for growing root vegetables.

Dark colored pots absorbs more heat and transfer it to the plant than the light colored pots.

The transferred heat kills the roots of the plant. So, avoid using dark colored for growing plants.

Too much watering of the plant leads to rotten roots. So, always provide water in required portions.

Always place the succulents like aloe vera in shade during the hot part of day.

When you are reusing the old containers, clean them thoroughly so that their harmful bacteria will not effect the future plant which will be grown in it.

Prefer potting soil rather than garden soil because garden soil is much heavier when compared with potting soil.

Pot Gardening

Pot gardening is the process of growing plants in the pots either by placing them on the floor or hanging from roofs.

Hanging pots with overflowing flowers adds great appeal to your house.

You can grow herbs, green leafy vegetables and a wide variety of medicinal plants in pots. Arrange pots in the systematic order to make your garden delightful.

Growing Plants in Pipes

You can grow a variety of plants in PVC pipes at home. You have to drill the holes in the pipe to make the plants to grow through these holes.

Always, place the pipes either horizontally or vertically against the wall for plantation.

You can grow bushy plants, decorative plants and a variety of vegetables through this method.

Planting in the Window Boxes

A window box can be made up of wood, fiberglass, brick or a popular material of your choice.

These are usually placed at windows to grow decorative plants which grabs attention of passer-byes.

Window boxes also serves as a miniature kitchen garden if you place them near your kitchen window to grow herbs, basil, parsley, spinach and lettuce etc.

Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardening is a process of growing plants vertically either on trellis or walls and so on.

Planting at home vertically saves a lot of space.

In vertical gardening, containers are attached to the walls or pots are hanged from the top.

It is very easy to maintain them.

Before Starting The Vertical Garden

Know different types of vertical gardening methods. Select a location where you have proper access to sunlight .

Select the suitable plants (plants with small root system are suitable for vertical gardening) to grow in it .

The plants that do well in containers can be selected for vertical gardening.

Green Wall

Green wall is usually a plant wall which is completely filled with green plants and is provided with growing medium like soil.

Water and nutrients are supplied to plants through small tubes which are already present in the inner layers of the green wall.

One side of green wall is attached to the wall while the other side is covered with plants that are facing towards us.

Green walls are usually in vertical structures.

You can grow a variety of small plants through green walls.

You can transform unused walls that are present in your house and office into beneficial green walls.

Fabric Containers

  • Fabric containers are light in weight, breathable and are perfect for small places.
  • These can be easily moved from one place to another.
  • They are available in various sizes and are cost effective.
  • You can make use of old gunny bags and trousers as fabric containers.

Trellis Garden

Trellis is usually made up of wood or metallic material on which you can grow creepers like grapes, a wide variety of melons and especially bushes.

If you are not interested in preparing trellis framework, you can buy it from your local gardening or online store.

Vegetables like beans, peas, cucumber and tomatoes are mostly suitable for trellis planting.

Tiered Garden

Tiered garden is made up of rectangular beds and are arranged in sequence which resembles stair case.

In this type of garden, plants grows in the vertical direction. It is a good remedy for urban gardeners who are not having proper space for gardening.

Gutter Garden

Planting at home can be done even on normal rain gutters.

Arrange gutters horizontally but arrangement of gutter with a slight inclination is also preferable for better drainage system.

Pallet Garden

Old Wood pallets can also be used for gardening. They can be hanged from top, leaned against wall and placed on rooftops, windows etc.

Place a water proof membrane between soil and pallet to prevent moisture escape.

Cover the walls of pallet with landscaping fabric to prevent moisture escape.



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