How to Enjoy Vacation at Home ?


As summer draws to a close, you realize that you have a bit more vacation to take – and not quite enough money to go anywhere cool. Not a problem. Some of the best va-cations are stay-cations – staying at home for some rest, relaxation and catching up on the ever-expanding list of things to do.

We all love those far-away trips – leaving everything behind and just experiencing life anew. What’s not to love? But if you’re cutting it close with the finances, put that money in the bank and add it to next year’s fund. You’ll almost certainly enjoy the next trip all the more and a full week away from work is still vacation – no matter where you spend the time.

If you’re going to spend your next vacation at home, let’s focus on making it even more enjoyable.

Get up early

Even if you’re a late-sleeper by nature, choose this week to get up early enough to catch a sunrise or two. It will add a great amount of pleasure to the start of your day. Sip coffee on your porch while listening to nature speak. Even a crowded, busy neighborhood has a nice feel at 6am – but if you’re lucky enough to be surrounded by a little country, there’s no excuse for not soaking up the morning sun and making your every day off a bit longer.

Workout every day

Whether you are an every day athlete or a television-addicted couch potato, use this week for strengthening your mind and body. Start the day with a walk or run. Read a book. You’ll feel invigorated by engaging in mind/body exercises.

Put the social media on hold and get outdoors

If you don’t feel the need to give Facebook up completely for the week, just allow yourself a window of time in the late evening. This ensures that your day is spent doing far more meaningful and worthy activities.

Get outside and enjoy nature. Fishing your thing? It’s the perfect time of year. There’s also hiking, tennis or just walking on a popular trail. There’s lots to do outside and get some Vitamin D this week. Leave the cell phone off a little more when spending time outside.

Start on that big project

You know the one – you’ve thought about doing it for months but have put it off because it’s going to require a lot of time and effort. It’s been on your mind though and you want to make it happen. Now’s the perfect time. Start it on the first day of your stay-at-home vacation because before you know it, three days are gone and you’re back to putting it off again.

Getting the ball rolling right away stirs the imagination and excites the spirit. You’ll likely find an even greater enjoyment than imagined.

Volunteer somewhere

Most people really desire to create positive change but life gets in the way. Use this week for volunteering down at the local soup kitchen – or anywhere at all – and you’ll be surprised at how good you feel for serving others.


It seems quite the opposite of what we should be doing on vacation but transforming a barely-walkable garage into the reality that was only a vision just last week is a joyous feeling. There’s something spiritual about a tidy transformation.

If the garage isn’t an option, look the yard over, hit the gutters or choose that abandoned room inside the house.


Maybe you’re not usually big on shopping but there are no clocks this week so stop by your favorite hobby places and dream a little. Hit the garage sales on those early mornings and walk slow. You’ve earned it.

Spend time with family and friends

Let those closest to you know that you’re staying home this year and you’d love to get together while you’re off. They’ll appreciate the fact that you want to hang out with them during your down time and you’ll get to focus on what’s really important in life – spending quality time with loved ones.

The stay-at-home vacation is ideal for catching up on rest and relaxation. The list of accomplishments might not include visiting the Eiffel Tower or standing in awe of the Grand Canyon, but there’s most certainly a fulfillment gained by increasing your appreciation for the life that goes unnoticed in the normal, everyday routines we so often get caught up in. This week is about getting the most value for your time.

And let’s face it.. there’s no bed that compares to yours when you’re tired and in need of a good night’s rest. It’s ever the better when you have no particular place to be the next day. That is how you enjoy vacation at home.


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