How to Appear Desperate?


Chasing a love interest away takes some work but some guys have it down to an art. Getting the girl requires that you sometimes play it cool. For guys who have a hard time understanding the rules, here’s a lesson in how to appear desperate.

1) Call Her All The Time – If there’s one thing a potential girlfriend loves, it’s hearing the phone ring time and time again. Nothing says “I’m the perfect guy for you” like the man who calls back ten minutes after a girl doesn’t pick up.. and ten minutes again after that.

If she hasn’t answered in the your last three phone attempts, there’s no reason to back off.

She’s obviously playing hard to get and loves knowing that you care enough to keep trying. Call her again.

2) Track Her Daily Activities – Ask her what she’s doing today and after she tells you, ask her what she’s doing after that.. and then after that. When creating your mental inventory of where she’s going and what she will be doing, remind her that she has nothing planned for two hours in between a couple of those activities. Probe her for what she plans to do during that time? She’ll absolutely love that.

3) Don’t Give Her Space – She needs your guiding influence on her every decision. Alone time for her is just sad time because you’re not by her side.

Did she tell you she wants to spend the day taking pictures of flowers? Sounds like the perfect opportunity for you to take up photography. Go ahead and invite yourself along.

4) Don’t Let Her Have Guy Friends – Why in the world would she even want to have guy friends when she has you? One man should be enough to fulfill every male need she has. If she doesn’t recognize this, explain it to her. She’ll soon agree and wonder why she ever wanted the situation to be any different.

5) Force Yourself Into Her Social Circle – Her friends should be your friends and if you don’t have enough friends, hers should fill the void just fine. Text them and call them shortly after meeting them.

6) Be Mushy And Overly Sentimental – Shower her with flowers, poetry and sentiment. When you order a meal at a restaurant, sit on the same side as her. Do these things often and make sure she understands that your acts are the truest expression of love. If you show her that no other guy could ever love her more, she’ll soon understand why you’re the perfect guy. How did she ever live without you for so long?

When you take her out in public, keep your arm around her everywhere you go or hold hands at the very least. Make sure she understands that kissing in public is how couples show their love to the world. Being in love with her requires that the rest of the world know about it.

7) Talk About Your Ex-Girlfriend Often – Be sure and laugh when bringing up moments that you and your ex shared. The new girl will appreciate the candor with which you share old love stories and past relationships.

8) Always Agree With Her – Every girl loves a guy who agrees with her every statement and opinion. Disagreeing with her means you’re arguing. Displaying the ability to think for yourself will only show her how incompatible the two of you are.

9) Insist On Meeting Her Family – Look.. when you know it’s right, it’s right. Why wait to meet parents and/or family? She needs to prove her commitment to the relationship by introducing you to the family sooner than later.

10) Avoid Doing Things With Your Friends – Did the guys call you up and invite you to game 7 of the World Series with them? Whoa.. not so fast. Loving her means checking with her first to see if she is available to do something that night. If she’s free, you need to be with her. That’s showing love and showing love is what you’re about.

Be sure and let her know the opportunity you gave up to be with her and remind her of it, often.


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