Tatooed or Permanent Makeup: Pros and Cons of Tatooed or Permanent Cosmetics?


While the idea sounds convenient, it’s important to realize the decision to get permanent makeup is a big one and it should treated as such. Permanent makeup is a form of tattooing and there are dangers and consequences from tattoos that must be considered. Additionally, ‘permanent’ makeup means just that: permanent.

Let’s start with the pros, the good reasons why someone might want to consider permanent makeup.

Permanent Makeup Pros

Never having to apply makeup again:

Yes, it’s true that if you get permanent makeup there are certain types of cosmetics you will never have to apply again, such as eyeliner, lip liner, lip fill or coloring, eyebrow penciling, etc. While foundation and other types of cosmetics would still have to be applied, using some permanent makeup can reduce the amount of time required to get made up.

Saving money on cosmetics:

Using permanent makeup, you can save money, because you’ll never have to buy the cosmetic products that have been permanently tattooed on your face.

Cosmetics that never smear, streak or become imperfect:

Permanent makeup applied by a skilled technician can look flawless, and it will never streak or smear, water won’t remove it and it can’t come off on sheets, towels or clothing.

Permanent Makeup Cons

Can never change styles:

If fashion and cosmetic styles change and you want to change with them, you’re out of luck. Even if you just want to change your look for a special event, permanent makeup will never change. While there are some techniques you can do to add to or accent the permanent makeup to give it a slight style change, any major changes in style simply can’t happen.

Risk of error or infection:

Permanent makeup is permanent, so if the artist makes a mistake, you risk having a permanent flaw on your face that will cost a lot of money, time and pain, and potentially leave a scar, every time you get tattooed makeup applied. Also, the facial skin and the area around the lips and eyes are prone to infection, and infection can destroy the makeup or cause damage to the skin, face or eye. It’s risky.

Tattoos can fade:

Since permanent makeup is a tattoo, it’s important to note that tattoos can fade, and when they do, your makeup will be dull. You will either have to pay and go through the pain of having the makeup reapplied or else live with dull makeup for the rest of your life.

Quick Tip Questions to Help Decide

  • What are the tattoo artist’s qualifications and experience?
  • Does the permanent makeup artist have references and happy customers?
  • Can you life with the style you’ve chosen for the rest of your life?
  • Can you afford to and handle the need to have surgery to repair mistakes?
  • Can you afford to and are willing to reapply the permanent makeup if it fades?

Should You Get Permanent Makeup?

Ultimately, whether or not you decide on permanent makeup is entirely up to you, but these pros and cons, and others not listed here, should be considered heavily before making the decision. Remember, permanent makeup lasts a lifetime.


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