How to Lose the Thanksgiving Day Weight?


It’s back to work after a glorious weekend of eating. Thanksgiving Day is a holiday that is too convenient not to celebrate. After all, it’s nearing the beginning of winter and there’s just not a reason in the world to be seen without a shirt for several more months.

We’re like bears, focused on hibernating and eating as the cold months arrive – and the holidays offer extra incentive to eat all the more.

But hey – let’s consider an alternative view. In just four short weeks, this year will be over. 2014 will arrive and with it, you’ll be making New Years resolutions and contemplating how you would like to look in peak shape when summer rolls around this year.

There’s really only one way to make that happen – start losing fat now! Four weeks of over-indulging can only keep you from attaining your “next summer” fitness goals but four extra weeks of eating right and working out?

Don’t let opportunity pass you by!

Remember Rulon Gardner – the 2000 Olympic Gold medalist in Greco-Roman wrestling? Gardner said that one of his secrets was to always out-train the other guy. He started earlier and tried to always make sure he worked out harder and longer than anyone else who was training to compete against him.

Let’s not wait until January to start losing weight – Let’s begin in December.

So you’ve had countless slices of pecan and pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes and Stove Top stuffing. Your pants feel a little tighter than last week. How do you get rid of that?

Well first, make sure you’ve convinced yourself that working hard and eating right the rest of this year is worth it – because it certainly is. With proper diet and exercise, the average guy can easily lose 10 pounds of body fat this month.

10 pounds! That’s a whole lotta’ extra baggage to unload before January even arrives. Here’s fat loss made easy.

Fast once in a while

To lose body fat, you must burn more energy than you consume. An easy way to achieve this is to go a few extra hours without eating a meal every day. If you’re an evening eater, skip breakfast. You’ll cut daily calories considerably by skipping only one meal a day. Fasting is a great way to lose weight and it’s healthy!

Get more active

Rather you’re going outside to walk around the block or headed to the gym, commit to working out harder and longer. All those steps add up!

Count your calories

Calorie counting isn’t something you need to do forever more. Do it for only a week and you might be surprised at how quickly those small calorie snacks add up. Understanding your average daily calorie intake is key to losing fat.

Focus on eating more protein

More protein means you’ll be filled up quicker and eat less fat and carbohydrates. Eating too many grams of fat and carbs will cause a very rapid increase in the waist-line.

Shop after eating

Never shop on an empty stomach or you’ll end up with a lot of more sugary, junk foods that will only hinder you in achieving your fat loss goals. Buy healthy and eat healthy. Not having any junk food accessible is a certain way to keep from eating too much junk food.

Eating a lot of food is an American tradition – at least when the holidays roll around. If you over-indulged in turkey and all the fixins, get a jump-start to getting in the best shape of your life by eating right and working out well before the new year rolls around. You’ll be really glad you did four weeks from now!


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