How To Find An Online Exorcist?


Has your body been taken over by satanic demons and you can’t seem to get control back? Is there no local priest in your city to swing by and take care of the occasional exorcism?

You might need an online exorcist.

Bob Larson has answered the call and while gaining a large online following for his questionable field of expertise, he’s receiving even more attention for his latest announcement; He’s now performing exorcisms via Skype.

Larson’s website, The Real Exorcist, looks like something straight from the book of “How To Use Religion To Get Rich”. You may not find that actual title on Amazon but there’s no doubting that the technique that could be explained in such a book has been used over and over again, and very often results in a high-profit outcome.

It was the late L. Ron Hubbard, who once said to an audience of writers, “If you want to get rich, you start a religion.”

L. Ron Hubbard was the creator of Scientology.

On Larson’s website, you can even find information on how to become an exorcist yourself. Larson lists advantages, such as “uncovering the keys to unlimited spiritual success” and “discovering the missing link to the victorious Christian life by mastering the miraculous”.

If you’re interested, you can join for a mere $199 a year. You’ll be well on your way to expunging evil spirits and, according to Larson, “you’ll help lead the End Times revival which will be spearheaded by those who understand the supernatural”.

Where do I sign up?!

Larson makes a claim of having performed over 20,000 exorcisms. Moving to Skype will allow him more time to take on more clients.

Is it possible that Larson is the real deal? Is there a chance that he’s mastered spiritual warfare and actually ridding people of demonic spirits?

If you do a quick YouTube search on ‘Pastor Bob Larson’, you’ll find some videos that are guaranteed to keep you entertained so we’ll let you form your own opinion based on those.

But let’s check in with some real-world professionals on the subject of exorcisms. Rev. Richard Meikrantz, Assistant Director of the International Catholic Association of Exorcists, says that Larson’s “exorcism by internet” service is a hoax. Meikrantz makes the very good point that a demonic spirit in full possession of a body would likely have no trouble turning a computer off, one way or another.

It does seem quite unlikely that a demon would be paying enough attention to a Skype session to allow itself to be cast out and defeated.


Aren’t demons usually busy screaming in several languages, making beds float and spinning heads in circles? Are they even tech-savvy enough to understand that some dude on Skype is trying to sprinkle holy water on them via the internet?

Thomas Allen agrees that Larson is not eradicating demons through a Skype session. He’s the author of Possessed, a book detailing the true story of a 1949 exorcism that later became the inspiration for the 1973 move, The Exorcist.

Allen states forthrightly that “neither Skype nor the Internet could possibly be used.”

There’s no doubt that religion is a big money business, and there will always be individuals who corrupt any institution and use it for personal gain and profit. In fairness, we’re not trying to poke fun at the business of exorcisms or individuals who desire spiritual help on any level. There are very few of us qualified enough to give honest answers about really happens in the non-Hollywood world of a real exorcism.

We are emphasizing that there’s every indication that Reverend Bob Larson is a snake-oil salesman who has found a profitable business model in the form of casting out demons.

Considering paying for an online exorcism over Skype? Indeed, you may need your head examined but the doctor is probably a better place to start.


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