How to Be a MLB Head Coach


Major league baseball player, Alex Rodriguez, is one of the most frowned upon baseball players in the history of baseball. He’s hated by many fans and draws the ire of many of his own teammates. It wasn’t just the use of performing enhancing drugs (PEDs), but Rodriquez is under scrutiny for possibly name-dropping and calling out other players that were using, all in an attempt to reduce his own sentence.

Whether A-Rod ratted other players out still remains to be proven but it has seemingly made him far less popular with other players already. The allegations were fueled by a 60 Minutes episode that reported on claims originally made by The Daily News. Rodriquez denies the allegations but he has proven himself to be a liar in the past, (he once told Katie Couric in a 60 Minutes interview that he had never used steroids only to admit he did less than a year later), so he’s not so easily able to use credibility as a crutch.

A-Rod is currently enjoying the sport of professional baseball while on appeal of his 211 game suspension for the use of PEDs, which includes the use of steroids and growth hormone.

Playing every day and acting like the incident never happened, Alex says he’s “thrilled and humbled” to don the baseball uniform again. Strangely, Alex seems to believe that displaying a great love for the game of baseball will somehow cover up his past sins and make us all forget the vile and ignoble manner with which he was able to achieve greatness on the world’s biggest baseball stage. In further evidence to this, he’s also big on tweeting on how much he enjoys the game of baseball and throwing lot of “congrats” to other players in the game for their accomplishments. In many ways, it’s all very humorous to watch A-Rod walk through Disney-drawn summer days that seem so alive with bouncing bunnies and colorful rainbows.

All of these stories, innuendos and facts lead up to one certainty; Alex Rodriguez isn’t well liked. It would, therefore, be quite easy for a head coach to look the other way when such a player is going through negative experiences that he can only blame himself for. Joe Girardi is no such head coach.

When A-Rod received several inside pitches from Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster that were intended to deliver a message or cause harm, the New York Yankees head Skipper, Joe Girardi, was the first one out of the dugout, ready to defend A-Rod. He charged out like an angry, starved bulldog, ready to defend his next meal.

“The one thing you can’t do is start changing the system because maybe you don’t like it,” a still angry Girardi said after the game. “Ryan Dempster has been a player rep and has been very involved with the union. This is what they decided to do [allowing players to play during appeals].”



If you were watching Sunday night’s game, you might have even elected to look the other way yourself, when considering all that A-Rod has done in spoiling the game of baseball. But watching the interview with Joe Girardi, one can’t help but realize that this is how to be a head coach and more importantly, this is how to be a leader in life.

Rodriguez has a lot of fans outraged by continuing to play the game but he’s doing so within the rules (for once) that allow him to do this. Girardi acknowledges this with his words and his actions.

Girardi is the guy you want in your foxhole when worst comes to worst. He’s a man that is willing to do his job when the going gets tough. He puts Dempster’s cowardly act into perspective and let’s us know that there are still some great guys in the game of baseball.


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