Benefits of Skin Exfoliation


Exfoliation can help make skin radiant and blemish-free for everyone, including men, women, teens and children.

Skin exfoliation is a simply the process of cleansing the skin and removing dead skin, dry skin flakes and other debris that accumulates in the pores and on the surface of the skin. Regular exfoliation has many skin and appearance benefits and is an easy task to add to a beauty or bathing routine. There are many benefits to skin exfoliation and below are a few of the most prominent.

Skin Exfoliation Removes Dead Skin

Skin is in a constant state of growth and renewal, and as new skin grows to replace old skin, the old skin dies off. When this happens, the dead skin can cause skin to feel and appear dull, rough and flakey. Regular exfoliation removes the dead skin before it gets flakey and can dull skin’s appearance and lets the new, radiant skin shine through.

Exfoliated Skin Appears Brighter and Even Toned

Dry and flakey skin appears dull and the skin tone can be uneven. Regular skin exfoliation helps skin tone be even and brighter. Discolorations will be less visible and skin will feel and look younger and fresher when exfoliated.

Regular Exfoliation Reduces Appearance of Fine Lines

Dry and flakey skin causes fine lines and cracks on the surface of the skin. When cosmetics are applied, they fill in those lines and cracks and they can appear deeper and longer. The deeper and longer the appearance of cracks and fine lines, the older the appearance of the skin, particularly on the face, will look. Regular exfoliation can remove the dead skin flakes and help smooth the surface of the skin, reducing the appearance of those fine lines and making skin appear more youthful, fresh, and clean.

Exfoliation Removes Toxins

Skin surfaces can retain toxins and irritants that can cause discoloration, rashes, splotches and dryness. Toxins and oils can also build up in pores and follicles, and exfoliation helps remove those toxins and oil buildup on the skin’s surface and helps bring oils and toxins from below the skin to the surface so they can be eliminated. When toxins are removed through exfoliation, skin has a healthy tone and glow, without as many breakouts and blemishes caused by pollution and buildup.

Exfoliation Prepares Skin for Treatments

If makeup or face creams or medication needs to be applied to the skin, exfoliating the skin prior to the application will help the application smooth better, absorb better, and, in the case of makeup or cosmetics, appear smoother and more attractive.

Lotions, creams, cosmetics will require less product to smooth on exfoliated skin, which can, over the long run, save money too.

It’s quick and easy to wash and then exfoliate skin at least once per week. There are products and aids for exfoliating that can be purchased in most stores that sell cleansing products, including most grocery stores. There are creams with exfoliating scrub agents in them—such as nut shells, seashells, mini-scrub pearls, refined sands, and more—that can be used to gentle scrub and slough the dry, flakey and dead skin.

There are also special sponges and brushes that can be used on the skin to do the same thing. Pick one that is comfortable and affordable for personal preferences, and use as directed on the packaging or consult with a dermatologist, cosmetician, or health care professional for what is best for any particular skin type and need.


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